2200 Series

    Central Reverse Osmosis System

    Pure water used for acute hemodialysis must be of the same quality as water used in chronic settings. However, a larger water system is often not affordable or practical. Single-patient systems can prove costly if several are necessary. Therefore, central acute services require a complete, compact, and economical system that can produce high-quality water to meet the demand for dialyzing as many as six patient.




Standard Features
• Digital water-quality meter (LCD screen displays product and incoming water quality, percent rejection, and activates audible and visual alarms.
• Standard permeate divert function on the RO.
• Adjustable permeate relief valve to drain.
• Panel-mount pressure gauges and flow meters on every machine
• Stainless steel RO pump for long-lasting, quiet operation and including a soft start feature.
• Swivel locking casters that provide easy movement.
• RO can be setup for Direct or Indirect feed.
• Pretreatment lock-out and remote alarm interface options.
• Availability of installation kits for quick and easy installation.





2200 Specifications
Part Number100-32-562 
Membrane(2) 4 x 21 TFC 
Production @ 77o F (25o C)5800 cc/ml min (1.52 gpm)
2200 Specifications  
Electrical115 VAC, 20 AMP, 60 Hz circuit, Single Phase plug-in
Connections3/4” MGHT fittings
Feed Water Requirements  Temperature: 40-90o F (4-32 o C)Total Chlorine: < 0.0 ppm
Inlet Pressure: 20-60 psigPrefiltration: <1 μm
pH: 5-10SDI: < 3
Dimensions12.5” W x 39” H x 28” D
MaterialsBrass, Stainless steel or inert plastic
Performance> 99% ionic rejection with properly pretreated feed water
Recovery~50% to 75% 
Weight140 lbs. (63.6 Kg)

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