PTG-520 Carbon Block System

    PTG-520 Carbon Block System


    Dialysis Carbon Filtration System

    The compact PTG-520 Carbon Filtration System is a new option that is now available to owners of portable RO systems. It is lighter, has a lower profile and is cost effective. The carbon block filter has been tested to meet specific regulations pertaining to the use of carbon as detailed in ANSI/AAMI 23500, specifically Annex F & G. The Carbon Filtration System is a design that includes 2 carbon block filters in series and is engineered and manufactured to be clean by design.





Standard Features
• Ease of Use - 85% lighter design results in less strenuous cart movement*
• Compact Design - Low profile Carbon Filtration System increases cart stability
• Retrofitable - Carbon Filtration System may be retrofitted on your existing M1 or M2 cart or docking station
• Cost Effective Performance - Change out schedule should result in less costly operation and eliminate need for onsite service
• Reliability - Chlorine & Chloramine removal guidelines allow for flexible replacement options without compromising performance
• Cleaner – Regular change out results in less potential bacteria buildup in the carbon filter

* when compared with (2) 0.85 cu. ft. carbon tanks.

 PTG-520 Specifications
 Feed Water Supply 
 Feed FlowMax 1.1 gpm
 Feed PressureMin 20 psi  Max 80 psi
 Differential PressureMax 15 psi
 Inlet Connection3/8” x 5/8” OD Braided Hose
 Cartridge Specifications 
 Cartridge Dimensions5 ½” x 20 ¾”
 Dry Weight5 lbs
 Micron Rating1 micron
 Chloramine Removal Capacity30,000 gallons at 1.1 gpm & 3.0 ppm chloramine
 Materials of Construction of Cartridge & Housing
 O-Ring, FilterSantoprene
 O-Ring, HousingBUNA-N
 HousingWhite Polypropylene
 PTG-520 Compact Carbon Manual3027337

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